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Upcoming trade shows

Potato Europe - Villers St Christophe, France

Exhibition for potato cultivation and machinery

September 11-12

Visar Sortop Potatotes demonstrations at optical sorting sites

Interpom - Kortrijk , Belgium

Trade fair for Europe’s potato industry

November 24-26

Demonstrations with the Visar Sortop Potatotes machine

Line for peeled potatoes

Optical sorting removes the manual sorting process and optimizes the use of peeled potatoes for different finished products, depending on their caliber (fries, röstis, country, parisienne, etc.).

Interview with Daniel Pitton

Over the years, Visar Sorting has made a name for itself in the international potato and vegetable industry with its advanced optical sorting lines.

New: infrared vision for carrots

The software Sortop Carrots integrates infrared vision !
Accurate detection of rotten crowns and mouse bites.

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