The better sorting quality --> the best yield !

Sort washed or unwashed potatoes and seed potatoes with the highest efficiency and consistency.

  • 100% automatic
  • 20 mm square mesh grading
  • Calibration of each tuber with a 5 % accuracy
  • 3 quality levels plus waste

Sortop Potatoes 2019 face avant web 

360 degrees

Potato under camera

Thanks to the mirror system and powerful circular lighting, each potato undergoes a thorough 360° analysis!  This is the only reliable way to detect any defect, as well as to grade and weigh the potatoes  with great precision, down to half a millimetre and to the nearest gram.



Sorting unwashed potatoes

Potatoes washed and unwashed

The Visar Sorting software can easily adapt to plant sorting, for example. The mechanical components are designed to resist against dust. A patented ventilation system, exclusive to Visar Sorting, captures and eliminates dust.



Infrared detection

infrared vision

The high definition camera (0.16 mm2) features an infrared vision which allows you to see under the skin (Virtual Peeling Technology). It increases the default detection inside the tuber, especially for holes made by wire worms, without confusing with small black points on the surface.


Compressed air ejection

A nozzle system blows the potatoes towards the outlets with great precision. The potatoes fall on soft materials, which ensure a smooth landing. The casing is equipped with soundproof panels and large doors make the cleaning easier.


Artificial intelligence

intelligence artificielle

The Sortop distances itself particularly through its innovative sorting software. It is the design as much as the sorting process that allows the sorting system to work as if you were sorting manually, but with greater capacity and consistency. The exclusive auto-learning process replaces the tedious adjusting and programming work. From then on, the VACS software operates autonomously, and there is only the degree of severity to adjust as needed.



 Réduisez le gaspillage alimentaire tout en valorisant mieux vos légumes

Are you sometimes disgusted by the wasting of all these edible vegetables? We are not going to save the whole situation, but our sorting system can significantly help reducing the absurdity of the trade in spoilt countries!

Pragmatic people will simply see the sale loss for you, retailer, and a too high price for certain qualities for you, consumer.

The SORTOP system, compared to the sorting by hand, increases the amount of sold potatoes. Through the machine’s accuracy and consistency, more first class potatoes are selected and thus sold at their right price.



Machine-PDT rendu02 web

An ingenious system arranges the potatoes one after the other smoothly and at high speed. The software optimises the sorting rate automatically. A surge hopper installed above the aligner absorbs any variation in the feed stream.