Unique, high-performance optical sorter

Visar Sorting manufactures an electronic carrot sorter that can sort ANY batch of carrots with maximum consistency and efficiency. 100% automatic, this machine does not require any manual work whatsoever, thereby optimising the yield.


360 degrees

Thanks to the mirror system and powerful circular lighting, each carrot undergoes a thorough 360° analysis at a rate up to 15 carrots per second! This is the only reliable way to detect any defect, as well as to grade and weigh the carrots with great precision, down to half a millimetre and to the nearest gram.


Sorting concept

The software uses its own artificial intelligence and works using auto-learning automatically to adapt to each batch of carrots. The production manager has only one parameter to change: the severity degree. This can be done with a click without stopping production. The software has also a batch traceability function.


"Sortop Carrots is the only automatic system that operates with great consistency and high quality for the whole day. It allows the user to pass through whatever type of carrots without making any adjustments for speed or other setting changes."

Alex Zogg, Müller-Azmoos AG



Artificial intelligence

Visar Sortop doté d'intelligence artificielle

The Sortop distances itself particularly through its innovative sorting software. It is the design as much as the sorting process that allows the sorting system to work as if you were sorting manually, but with greater capacity and consistency. The exclusive auto-learning process replaces the tedious adjusting and programming work. From then on, the VACS software operates autonomously, and there is only the degree of severity to adjust as needed.



Machine capacity varies according to the carrot diameter, and sorts 12 to 15 carrots per second.

16 available exits offer many grading possibilities.

Sorting error rate is lower than 5%.

Diameter measuring accuracy is 0.5 mm.

Weighing is to the nearest gram.

The conveying system has been disigned to accept any form of carrots (even highly twisted or forked) with diameters of 10 to 85 mm and a length of 10 to 300 mm.



Réduisez le #foodwasting en triant mieux avec le système Visar


Are you sometimes disgusted by the wasting of all these edible vegetables? We are not going to save the whole situation, but our sorting system can significantly help reducing the absurdity of the trade in spoilt countries!

Pragmatic people will simply see the sale loss for you, retailer, and a too high price for certain qualities for you, consumer.

The SORTOP system, compared to the sorting by hand, increases the amount of sold carrots. Through the machine's accuracy and consistency, more first class carrots are selected and thus sold at their right price.


Even the smallest black points

vacs detection

The high definition camera (0.16 mm2) detects any faults and can differentiate between a water stain and a tiny black point.