360° degrees

From all angles

For a true quality sorting, carrots and potatoes must be analysed in their entirety.

6 outputs

More grading possibilities

6 easy and fully configurable outputs to get an accurate grading.

3 quality levels

Product sold at its correct price

With 3 levels of quality, get more from the best category and sell it at the right price.

New Visar Sortop Revolution : sort 2 x faster, and even better

New Sortop Carrots Revolution with rotative infeed system

Visar Sorting is the inventor and the manufacturer of the first 100% automatic sorting, grading and weighing machine: the SORTOP system.

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Visar Sortop : le meilleur tri, le meilleur rendement !

"With its onboard intelligence, getting maximum value from any batch of carrots or potatoes (washed or unwashed) is easy and immediate!"



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New Sortop Carrots Revolution :

More info :

Sortop Carrots Revolution - Optical sorter for carrots

Sortop Potatoes - Optical sorter for potatoes