Unique, high-performance optical sorter

Intelligent software

Acts as a human being

Worldwide unique

Up to 16 outputs

Highly precise calibration

Diameter, length and weight

360° HD analysis

Unsurpassed sorting quality

Maximum profitability and efficiency

We travelled far to study existing machines before making our choice. However those machines did not convince us since they were able to sort only some of the faulty carrots in a batch, but never the faulty ones.

Width the Sortop system, carrots are sorted AND graded. The machine offers many programming possibilities for sorting and grading.

Roland Stoll

Sortop Carrot is the only automatic system that operates with great consistency and high quality for the whole day. It allows the user to pass through whatever type of carrot without making any adjustments for speed or other setting changes.

Alex Zogg

The Sortop offers a solution to that age-old problem facing every grower or packhouse: how to sort, grade or weigh large volumes of crop quickly without having to compromise on accuracy, quality or wastage

By detecting crop defaults in a split-second, it allows them to increase the volumes deemed fit for sale by five per cent compared to manual sorting – an impressive increase in a sector where small improvements can make a big difference.

Edward Tong